Ipsec VPN fails to connect


Fortigate Firewall Ipsec VPN fails to connect:-

If your Ipsec VPN fails to connect, check the following possibilities:

  • Ensure that the pre-shared keys match exactly.
  • Ensure that both ends use the same P1 and P2 proposal settings
  • Ensure that you have allowed inbound and outbound traffic for all necessary network services, especially if services such as DNS or DHCP are having problems.
  • Check that a static route has been configured properly to allow routing of VPN traffic.

If you are still unable to connect to the VPN tunnel, run the following diagnostic command in the CLI:

diagnose debug application ike -1

diagnose debug enable

The resulting output may indicate where the problem is occurring.

Disable the diagnostics by using the following command:

diagnose debug reset

diagnose debug disable


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