How to Install Drupal 8


This article will show you, How to Install Drupal 8 and configure. few steps to Install Drupal 8 , which is given below.

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Step1: Download the Latest version of Drupal 8.

How to Install Drupal 8

Step 2 :  Create newfolder and put latest drupal 8 version and Extract Here


Install Drupal 8
Install Drupal 8

Next Step Install Drupal 8, Open url in Browser.

Step 3 : Select your website Language and click Save and Continue.

install drupal 8 select language

Step 4: Select an Installation Profile.Install Drupal 8Step 5: 

  • Create Files folder with Writable Permission. after create files folder. Directory Like:

The directory sites/default/files

  • Create settings.php in defult directory. copy default.settings.php file  and paste  rename with settings.php

Install Drupal 8Steps 6:

  • Add settings.php file.
  • Give Writable Permission both settings.php and Files .

Step 7 : Database Configuration

  • Create Database
  • Create User Name and Password.
  • Advanced Options like: Host, Port Number, Table Name Prefix.Database configuration Drupal: Install Drupal 8Step 8: Set Database Name, User Name, Password in settings.php
  • Open Settings.php File (add above data).

 $databases['default']['default'] = array (
 'database' = 'demod8',
 'username' = 'rizwan',
 'password' = 'a',
 'host' = 'localhost',
 'port' = '3306',
 'driver' = 'mysql',
 'prefix' = '',
 'collation' = 'utf8mb4_general_ci',


Step 9:

Install Drupal 8

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