Fortigate Clustering

Fortigate Clustering-

Before you set up a cluster
1- All the FortiGates have the same hardware version and the same hardware configuration.
2- All the FortiGates have the same firmware build.
3- All the FortiGates are set to the same operating mode (NAT or Transparent).
4- All the FortiGates are operating in single VDOM mode.
5- If the FortiGates are operating in multiple VDOM mode, they all have the same VDOM configuration.

Note- If the FortiGates in the cluster have different licenses,
the cluster will formed, but it will operate at the lowest licensing level.

get system status- To check current HA mode

Current HA mode: a-p, master
Cluster uptime: 59 days, 17 hours, 18 minutes, 12 seconds
Cluster state change time: 2020-01-26 01:46:16

get system ha status – Command to displays all cluster units

Master: FGT90E4Q16003211, operating cluster index = 0
Slave : FGT90E4Q16002610, operating cluster index = 1

get hardware nic ha- To check correct interfaces of each cluster unit are connected, and Status of Link
Description Fortinet 90E Ethernet Driver
System_Device_Name ha
Current_HWaddr ab:cd:0f:09:01:12
Permanent_HWaddr 75:6c:ca:c1:1a:45
State up
Link up
PHY Link up
Speed 1000
Duplex full
port: 4


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